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Distance [13 Jul 2005|01:42am]

I don't listen to music anymore, because it's got memories attached. The old new life, my friends and the light that danced around them, the person I was- and your sweet cousin, who midwifed that person into life. When I'm clear-headed I remember everything, especially him. The focus is still crisp- my shadowed eyes, the taste of a slug of warm dishwatery beer, the soft red lights of a radio or a cigarette, the winding roads home. I let myself have these memories, because they're the easy ones. Our time together was simple, daylight instead of moonshine, children's card games and innocent kisses, fresh air and loud laughs. We were not dramatic, wonderful or wild. We were just happy. Now I lose myself in missing your cousin. It's much less painful than missing you.

[13 May 2005|04:15pm]

Flipping through his passport. It's maroon, stamped with a decidedly un-American eagle in gold. Inside are 6 year's worth of visas, and according to the latest, we've got until 2/2/2009.

[26 Aug 2004|08:53pm]

I think stumbling upon this community was the highlight of my day. Also the irony.

[17 Aug 2004|09:48pm]


[14 Jul 2004|11:06pm]

i want to love like romeo + juliet and kiss in a pool and get married in a hawaiian shirt.

and marry claire danes.

[08 May 2004|07:28pm]

[ mood | blah ]

my saturday is sucking real bad.

i'm new.

add me?

i ran as fast as i could.` [13 May 2004|03:15am]

yeah so this is the first time in a while that anyone besides me has posted. i slep through most of easter. alone in my apartment. it kinda sucked. actually it was really depressing. lastnight was great however. making this morning, as sad as it was worth it.

anyone who watches this journal should start posting, because its the best thing ever.

my feet are starving for some new ground to walk on.

the new song i wrote is called "this is how you sell your soul to the devil, with 52 playing cards." it's really bad ass.

[06 Feb 2004|07:17pm]

[ mood | uncomfortable ]

so colleen and i made it one year... we are going grocery shopping later today.

i lost all my friends... new years eve was awful.

the other night i climed ontop of the roof of my appartment, i screamed so loud... i wanted everyone to hear me. i almost slipped. i almost died. i almost wanted too.

i remembered when ryan and i started this community... that was a great day.

another great day was the last day of ski club in 12th grade. i drove my van into someones front lawn... we were so late.

one day colleen and i got into a fight. she screamed "fuck you, i hate you" at me. the police were called. i drove home annd we didn't talk for four days.

xiu xiu is one of the best bands i have ever heard.

i hate paying rent. i hate being 18. i love living on my own.

i miss my father.... i wish we never had a pool. i wish he never died.

being the band nothing lasts was the best thing that has ever happened to me.

[02 Jul 2003|09:32pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

T minus 2 hours and 28 minuets to my birthday :)

[24 Jun 2003|09:44pm]

i *heart* anxiety attacks...

[17 Jun 2003|02:10pm]

kill me... please

[12 Jun 2003|01:50pm]

This is the most emo thing ever..

[11 Jun 2003|08:20pm]

[ mood | giggly ]

i want someone to kiss me like van disele kissed his girlfriend in 2fast 2furious!!

[11 Jun 2003|03:15pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

I love you, John.

hello... [10 Jun 2003|11:50pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

ryanpalis and pogopunk just started this community...welcome...have fun...

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